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Make It a Labor Of Love

Most of us know Labor Day was created to pay tribute to contributions and achievements of American workers. Since becoming a federal holiday in 1894, Labor Day has served as the unofficial end of Summer marked with parades and various celebrations around the country.

To labor, to work, to earn a living, to toil, whatever you prefer to call it…most of us “labor” at some point or another. In fact, most individuals spend approximately 50 years in the workforce from age 18-68 which equates to roughly 35% of an individual’s total lifetime waking hours. If these statistics are concerning or alarming to you, the good news is YOU have the power to change how those numbers play out for you and your family.

Whether 20 or 60 years of age, the investment decisions you make today and in the near future have a lasting impact on your financial security upon entering retirement. Whatever you choose to invest in, be certain it is an area you are passionate about. This way, as you educate yourself more in that field, it won’t feel like or be “work”; it will truly be a labor of love.

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