• Brandon J Lane

    Had a quick break from conferences and wanted to thank you for the amazing open house. You guys are a true asset to our community and chamber. Author : Brandon J Lane
    Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce
  • G. Esterson

    It is rare these days to find a local broker that knows how to get to the finish line. Mike Orr is one of those brokers. As a national broker I was very impressed by his market knowledge and his ability to work through tough negotiations while still maintaining a positive attitude and a proactive approach. Mike is a solid broker that I would love to do more deals with anytime. Author : G. Esterson
  • A. Willis

    I have been running a small business in Sioux Falls for 8 years and decided it was time to expand. I really didn't know how to go about realizing my vision, but decided to start looking at properties that were available. I worked with two other realtors and then was privileged to meet Stephen Rueber with Jim Dunham & Associates. I appreciated his work in helping me walk through the process. He was easy to get a hold of and very professional in his work. I felt confident in his ability to help me through the process, whichever way it would turn out. I highly recommend Stephen and appreciate being able to work with him. Author : A. Willis
  • S. Terveen

    Mike was aggressive in seeking out qualified buyers from outside the area. He provided timely updates during diligence and provided excellent insight when working through the underwriting process. I would recommend Mike to anyone in the Mobile Home Park space. Author : S. Terveen
  • Errol S

    Sometimes it's difficult to find a real estate agent who takes you seriously. Some just chase the big money and ignore the little guys. Not Stephen. Immediately upon meeting him, he listened to my needs and treated me with the utmost respect. Stephen was friendly, knowledgeable, punctual, and positive. A true professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him and we remain friends. Author : Errol S
  • Chef Ellen

    Stephen was recommended to me when I first entertained ideas of opening a storefront for my business.  When I first reached out to him, I just wanted an idea of spaces available in my areas of interest and pricing, and he delivered!  With a dozen great options in hand, I heard through the grapevine about a store closing and when I inquired about that space, he got me all the information needed, and it was a great fit!  Stephen walked me through every step of the way, and it felt like he was always advocating for the best interests of myself and my business.  I appreciated the quick responses to my many questions, and at the end of the day, felt like I walked away with a great space, fair lease, and a fantastic realtor for any future needs my business may have.  I would highly recommend Stephen to anybody looking to find the perfect space. Author : Chef Ellen
  • Happy Client!

    I write this letter to show my appreciation for Stephen's work when he assisted me in getting an office space to lease at one of your properties.  The moment I spoke to Stephen over the telephone I felt as though I had known him for many years. He took the time to listen to my needs and he carried them out in a professional manner and on time.He is respectful, genuine and professional. He has an infectious personality that makes everyone around him feel that you are a human being and not just a number.  I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen to anyone who may be looking to lease. He is a great human being. If I had a large business I would not hesitate to snatch him in a second. Author : Clara Hart
  • Happy Client!

    Working with Stephen has been a pure joy. He is very courteous, knowledgeable, and responsive to all questions and tasks I set for him. I have been working with Stephen now for two years and would recommend him to anyone looking for a retail space. If a deal is not the best for my needs or business, Stephen is honest in that and supports and respects any decision I would make. Not having that push back and instead having full support is a rare quality to have in a realtor. I am team Stephen all the way!Click to know More about Stephen - Author : Sioux Falls Business Owner
  • NJT Investments, LLC

    Our business relationship with Jim Dunham Associates (JDA) and Solutions Property Management (Solutions) began in 2014 when we purchased an investment property Dunham had listed. As first time investment property buyers, the purchase transaction was very transparent, educational, and convenient.  We were extremely pleased with the level of service, value, and communication we received from Solutions throughout our ownership holding period. We elected to market the property in 2018 and JDA did a fine job of listing, showing, and walking us through the sales process to a successful and profitable close.  I will recommend JDA and Solutions to anyone in need of brokerage or property management services or advice.Click to know More about Team - Author : Jason Gusso
  • First Time Entrepreneur

    Stephen Rueber has been amazing to work with. We began working with him approximately 2 years ago trying to find the perfect place to open our store. He stayed in constant contact with us making sure that our needs were always being met. Even though, through no fault on his part, we were not able to follow through on our big dream, he is still looking out for my best interests trying to find a smaller location, which shows me that his clients always come first. He has been able to offer us advice on aspects of our business that that we had not yet considered. His knowledge and helpful attitude has been invaluable in our journey and I would recommend him to anyone looking for the perfect location for your business.Click to know More about Stephen - Author : Current Client
  • Scratchpad Tees

    I always enjoy working with Stephen Rueber from Jim Dunham & Associates. Stephen and his team have always been helpful, courteous and prompt in responding to our needs.We rented a space at one of their commercial properties in 2016 - 2017 and enjoyed a great working relationship. When it came time to move to a larger space recently, Stephen was the first call I made. He is knowledgeable about the market and quick to respond to questions and inquiries.Click to know More about Stephen - Author : Craig
  • Rod's Property Management

    If you are looking for a real estate consultant, advisor, marketer and friend, I highly recommend Jim Dunham & Associates! When we decided we would consider selling, my attorney and I interviewed what we considered the top 5 brokers in town. After the interviews, hands down, we close to list several apartment buildings with the team at JDA. not only did they secure buyers at an acceptable price point, they dealt with a multitude of issues throughout the transaction, minimizing stress for me. When difficult issues arose that would've sent some brokers heading for the hills, the team at JDA kept their cool, leaned-in, resolved the issues and got me to the closing table. They were professional and knowledgeable whether it was dealing with bankers, inspectors, appraisers, attorneys or the title company. I highly recommend the team at JDA, and I look forward to working with them in the future as I realign my real estate portfolio.Click to know More about Team - Author : Rodney Fitts, Rod's Property Management
  • Heal With Hypnosis

    Many thanks to the rockstar Stephen Rueber for all of your help getting set up at with our new location! What qualities do you look for in a realtor? I wanted someone who would take the time to understand my business needs, help me find the right place, have my back, have standards and expectations that match mine, and walk me through all the negotiations. Stephen did all of that with patience and fun. Thank you so much! I appreciate you!Click to know More about Stephen - Author : Heal With Hypnosis
  • Central States Insurance LLC

    He was the absolute best in finding our business rental for us. I was desperate when I contacted him and he said he could get the job done for me...he did. He is very pleasant to work with and I will highly recommend him to whoever needs help finding a commercial place to rent.Click to know More about Stephen - Author : Central States Insurance LLC
  • BitGo

    I would highly recommend Stephen Rueber and Jim Dunham to any client! I worked with Stephen to source and ultimately rent a large office space for our company. I was out of state, and Stephen took a structured approach to help make the whole process easy for me. First, he tested out locations to assess what we needed by giving us a sample of available properties, then sought feedback to understand our requirements, and finally filtered potential listings down to locations that could actually work for us. When I flew into Sioux Falls to view the locations, I was impressed by Stephen's level of professionalism and knowledge of the Sioux Falls area. His insight on demographics, traffic, infrastructure, security and safety, etc. were extremely valuable to me as I was selecting an office location. Once I received the lease, Stephen looped in Jim Dunham (owner) and both provided amazing service / help in our negotiation of the lease. The high level of service did not stop once we signed the lease. Both Stephen and Jim have continued to be a resource for our company as we ramp up our operations by coordinating with the landlord to get access to the building, speaking with our team regarding logistics of moving in, and by providing contacts into local contractors for modifications we needed to complete in the office space. This was a seamless process, and I would trust Stephen and Jim for any of our real estate needs in Sioux Falls. I look forward to doing more business with them in the future!Click to know More about Jim -Click to know More about Stephen - Author : Rodrigo Vicuna, Director of Operations

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