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10, Jun 2019
Linda Dunham

Six Questions Every Commercial Real Estate Investor Must Ask

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Secrets to Low Cost Real Estate With the Highest Return

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How to Plant Fruitful Seeds in Life

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Calculating CAP Rate, NOI and Other Fun Acronyms!

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3 Things You Must Consider When Evaluating Investment Real Estate

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The Pesky Personal Guarantee

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27, Feb 2019
Linda Dunham

3 Ways to Move Your Investment Equity

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19, Feb 2019
Linda Dunham

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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18, Feb 2019
Linda Dunham

Return on Equity Rundown

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31, Jan 2019
Linda Dunham

“Define Your New”

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19, Jan 2018
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The “Perfect” Gift

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Make It a Labor Of Love

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Is It Time To Invest In Your Future?

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Linda Dunham

Let’s Talk About Change

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19, Aug 2013
Linda Dunham

The Legend Lives On

My father-in-law, founder of the Dunham Company, died yesterday. I know some... Read this post

14, Jan 2013
Linda Dunham