Return on Equity Rundown

Many of the experienced investors we work with struggle with the hold/sell decision, so we created a simple calculator that quickly provides the financial information they need so that they can make a decision that will yield them the greatest financial results. Instead of just focusing on balance sheet growth (due to loan balance reductions) and operating cash flow (how much goes into their pockets each month), calculating the Return on Equity (ROE) provides a more in-depth picture of how a property is performing. This is largely due to the other two components of real estate investing…property appreciation and income tax savings. We recently had a prime example of this when a client asked us to analyze their portfolio. “Sam” … Read this post

“Define Your New”

A new year is here and if you’re similar to the majority of the world’s population, you’ve identified some area in which you want to make a change or start a new journey towards. Merriam Webster defines the word new as ‘having recently come into existence.’ With this definition in mind, I’d love to begin a new project and get to know how I could better assist you in achieving not only your commercial real estate goals, but your overall financial goals. Perhaps I currently know you are an interested real estate investor but I may not know that you’re also focusing on building an emergency fund, saving more for retirement or a large purchase or creating a budget to … Read this post

The “Perfect” Gift

The holiday season is in full swing and every year we tend to hear the same marketing language in the countless television, radio and print ads we hear or see. Each of these communications seem centered around finding that “perfect” material object for everyone on your holiday list. Over the years, my experience as a real estate agent shaped my view on finding that “perfect” gift, and oddly enough my thoughts are similar to that of the Grinch. Now you’re probably shaking your head in disbelief so allow me to explain. If you are familiar with the Grinch, you know he leaves us all with a wonderful statement to ponder. Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps … Read this post

Make It a Labor Of Love

Most of us know Labor Day was created to pay tribute to contributions and achievements of American workers. Since becoming a federal holiday in 1894, Labor Day has served as the unofficial end of Summer marked with parades and various celebrations around the country. To labor, to work, to earn a living, to toil, whatever you prefer to call it…most of us “labor” at some point or another. In fact, most individuals spend approximately 50 years in the workforce from age 18-68 which equates to roughly 35% of an individual’s total lifetime waking hours. If these statistics are concerning or alarming to you, the good news is YOU have the power to change how those numbers play out for you … Read this post

Is It Time To Invest In Your Future?

Perhaps you have heard the expression that your future can best be determined by the last five major decisions you’ve made. Did you know that one of those major decisions involves finance and investing? Procrastination rarely produces fruitful rewards, but planning and preparation seldom result in a bare tree. Let the newness of the budding flowers and trees of Spring serve as a reminder that now is the perfect time to either start or continue investing in your future! Even if you are just recognizing the need to invest in your future, I’d love to learn more about how you envision your ideal investment portfolio. As a token of appreciation for sharing your time and interests by completing a brief survey, you’ll … Read this post

Let’s Talk About Change

Change is difficult for most people. Whether large or small, change takes us out of our comfort level and into new territory, and adds to the complexity of life, at least for a while. Think about it – a replacement credit card in the mail means you have to change all of your information on any accounts that may be automatically paid by that card. Insignificant change, right? But, it means you first have to research which accounts you have attached to the card, then for each on-line account, look up your user name and password, log in and change your payment information. Regardless of how many accounts there are, this is, for a while anyway, an additional burden on … Read this post