A. Willis Broker

I have been running a small business in Sioux Falls for 8 years and decided it was time to expand. I really didn’t know how to go about realizing my vision, but decided to start looking at properties that were available. I worked with two other realtors and then was privileged to meet Stephen Rueber with Jim Dunham & Associates. I appreciated his work in helping me walk through the process. He was easy to get a hold of and very professional in his work. I felt confident in his ability to help me through the process, whichever way it would turn out. I highly recommend Stephen and appreciate being able to work with him.

S. Terveen Manager

Mike was aggressive in seeking out qualified buyers from outside the area. He provided timely updates during diligence and provided excellent insight when working through the underwriting process. I would recommend Mike to anyone in the Mobile Home Park space.

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