As 2nd generation Sioux Falls area Realtors®, we have a great passion for the city and its surrounding areas of Harrisburg, Tea, Brandon, Hartford, Canton, Garretson, and Dell Rapids.

Jim’s father Donald Dunham Jr. was known as “Mr. Downtown” when Sioux Falls was a small, old-fashioned business district where no one lived, ate, or played. Always a risk taker, Donald started selling real estate at night and on weekends as a supplement to his US Navy career, and by remodeling many downtown Sioux Falls buildings, he was instrumental in building the vibrant community we know and love today.

Jim finished HIS 7-year Navy service in San Diego, CA in 1987, and returned to South Dakota to join the family firm, first as a $500 a month employee of Dunham Property Management, and later, having witnessed many tales of risk and reward, and graduating to CEO of Jim Dunham & Associates, he, Linda and their team know well that knowledge and expertise is learned, not bought, and they share their deep industry foundation with their clients every day. One client even has in his last Will & Testament that Jim & Linda will take care of his Estate. That kind of trust doesn’t come overnight.

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